Who Are We?

We are MELLISdesigns. Our passion lies in contributing to the digital revolution one web or mobile app at a time. We specialise in conceptualising and creating beautifully crafted digital content using the best and the latest programming trends.

We can provide full implementation, from conceptualisation to post-development, to create something that will fulfill your vision and your needs. We collaborate with our clients to provide the best output most suited to your budget, timeline and framework.

What Do We Do?

MELLISdesigns specialise in super sleek web and app experiences keeping up with digital trends and defined user experiences. We love what we do and our love for front-end development is reflected in all our projects.

As true digital nomads, we can work with you wherever you (or we) are. Unless you know, you intend to show us around.

Our Work
Punch In Punch Out

A Time Management app intially developed for the first Blackberry Playbook. A play on the idea that work apps do not have to be plain and boring, PIPO was designed to look like an old school Work Card Punch Machine. The app allows multiple jobs to be timed at once as well as a universal tracking and editing system for easy project management.

Project Q

Project Q runs on the concept of a statistcally aware quiz game. All the questions are well-researched and unique, to bring you the best trivia game experience. It was pushed to iOS and Android. With Fluid Design to support multi-resolution deployment as well as an in app purchase to unlock the full game, Project Q is a must-have for trivia lovers everywhere.


Using the amazing Ionic and Cordova, Peetsapp is set to revolutionise the delivery industry. It is currently a work in progress but utilises the latest in Web Based Mobile Development, running exceptionally fast as a natively build app.

Power Visuliser

Starting off as an experiment for data collection, the app has been built to showcase why everyone needs a smart grid in their office. Automatic meeting room, security alerts and savings graphs make this a tool that can grow to new heights.

SEO Tools

As a freelancer foor this particular project, I was responsible for a strong focus on design centric programming. I focused on usability and component skinning to create the freshest experience for the users of the application. Built using Flex and AIR, this multipurposes SEO app makes fetching analytics a breeze.

Disctract - A music discovery tool.

Disctract, yes it's meant to be spelled like that, is a music disovery tool that helps you find new music using the Soundcloud API.

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